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Undergraduate Training Program for Business Majors in Wuhan College in 2018

Undergraduate Training Program for Business Majors in Wuhan College in 2018

(Applicable to Foreign Students Education)

1. Goals

This major aims to produce high-level applied elites with global thinking, solid professional qualities and innovative spirit. Meanwhile, it aims to cultivate their professional ethics and promote their development potential. They master the theoretical knowledge and professional skills; they know well about the Chinese language and culture, and the management of economics and business. They are able to undertake jobs concerning comprehensive management and transnational operation of enterprises. They are able to cater the demand for intellectuals in the Informationization and globalization context.


2. Requirements

1. Students are required to master the theoretical knowledge management and economics.

Students should master the basic theoretical knowledge of business management.


2. Students should be familiar with   policies and laws regulating China’s enterprises, and rules and practices regulating international business.


3. Students should have the ability to participate in the operation of enterprises, such as marketing planning, projects investment, capital management and international trade.


4. Students should master the knowledge of information technology, and have the ability of professional learning, analysis and judgment.


5. Students should be familiar with the relevant policies and laws of China's enterprise management, and the practices and rules of international business management.


6. Students should have the ability to analyze and solve practical problems by using the theory of business management, and have innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.


7. Students should keep up with the latest trends and achievements in business management, and be familiar with the domestic and international business environment in this field.



3. Characteristics

1. We will cultivate students proficient in the use of Chinese;

2. We will cultivate inter-disciplinary applied talents.

3. We will cultivate students with the ability of transnational operation;

4. We will cultivate students with strategic thinking, adaptability, creativity and lifelong learning ability for enterprise transformation.

5. We will cultivate students with strong ability of organization and coordination, leadership, communication and negotiation.

6. We will cultivate students with the ability to think independently, solve unexpected problems and cope with public relations crisis.


4. Major courses

Management, International Economics, Marketing, Business administration, Logistics Management, Financial Management, Strategic Management, Production and Operation Management, Management Information System, Business Management Case Analysis, Business Negotiation, Business Operation Management, International Trade Practice, etc.

5. Main Practice

Business Administration Practice,  Business Management Case Analysis.


6. Length of Schooling and Degree

Length of schooling: 4 years

Degree: Students are required to complete the curriculum during the 4 years and fulfill the designated number of credits. Successful graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with the bachelor’s degree.