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Admission 2020

I. Major Program

Based on the characteristics and preponderant disciplines of Wuhan College, We will particularly enroll international students in the year of 2020 featured with Business Administration.


II. Key Information

Bachelor Degree Program for 4 years (Without Scholarship)

Tuition fee RMB 10000  + Accommodation RMB 3000 + Insurance RMB 800 + RMB 600 for Books.


Bachelor Degree Program for 4 years (With Scholarship)

The Scholarship for 4 years is only for the international students major in computer science in the year of 2020.

1. Free tuitions, only pay RMB 3000 for Accommodation + RMB 800 for Insurance + RMB 600 for Books;

2. Half  tuitions, tuition RMB 5000 + Accommodation RMB 3000 + Insurance RMB 800 + RMB 600 for Books;

For project with agreement, the payment shall be according to the agreement.

Meanwhile, we warmly welcome the transfer students come to study in our university.

III. Accommodation Fee

 Accommodation: Double Room: 3000RMB/year,


Charges for Internet, water and electricity are at the expense of the students themselves.