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Wuhan College was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2003, supervised by Hubei Provincial Department of Education. Our campus sprawls over 67 hectares with a total GFA of over 450,000 square meter, which was master-planned by Mr. HE Jingtang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. In applying the master concept of “advanced design, superior construction, practical elegance and distinct uniqueness”, the campus has a humanistic focus deriving from its gardens while integrating modern education and natural environment, as well as matching academic ambiance with cultural features. The campus can accommodate over 12,000 students.


The University comprises three schools and four departments, namely School of Accounting and Finance, School of Information Technology, School of Humanities, Department of Business Administration, Department of Artistic Design, Department of Law and Department of Communication. We have a group of experts and professors from the celebrated universities at home and aboard, namely, University of Reading, University of Massachusetts, The University of Manchester, etc. Since the year of 2016, some special majors have enrolled talented students in the top rank, like Software Engineering ( Tencent Elite Class), Accounting (ACA). This is the only private college that can enroll students in the top rank in Hubei Province.

Wuhan College was founded by Mr. Chen Yidan (Charles Chen), one of the core founders of Tencent and the founder of Tencent Charity Foundation. Mr. Chen set up Yidan Educational, Scientific and Cultural Co. Ltd. to fund Wuhan College as a non-profit institution. He committed to invest RMB 2 billion in Phase I development of the new campus. He has been devoted to his philosophy that to establish “the most respected private university” in China.


Wuhan College puts great emphasis on international education on the basis of cross-cultural philosophy. We have developed extensive cooperation with prestigious universities throughout the world, for instance, University of Cambridge, University of Reading, Portland State University, The University of Newcastle (Australia), University of Stellenbosch, Mokwon University, etc. We have set up multi-level intercollegiate exchange programs, including the mutual-visiting, joint-education programs, and academic research. The college has committed to invest 5million RMB to strengthen the international communication and to finance the students to participate in those programs. What’s more, Our college will enroll the talented international students from the countries participating in the “Belt and Road” initiative in respond to the national development strategy.